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On September 19, 1954, the Parish of Saint Peter the Apostle was established. Father Edward Lyons presided at the first Mass which was celebrated in the church at midnight on Christmas Eve. On December 7, 1969, the new church on Airport Road was blessed and dedicated by His Excellency, Alexander Cater, Bishop of Sault Ste. Marie.

What does Saint Peter’s Parish mean to our parish family? Answers are many and varied: community-based, active, family-oriented, spiritual, friendly, open, homey, caring, welcoming, helpful, relaxed, involved, a feeling among parishioners of being a family.

This vigorous and energetic parish community has determined that each one of us has a special gift, a special talent; and we encourage all of our parish family to recognize these God given qualities and to use them for the betterment of our parish life and also for the community in which we live.

Our parishioners intend to keep this ‘young’ parish alive and active, to help each other, to reach out and welcome anyone who is fortunate enough to venture within its sphere, and above all, to worship God.