School Bulletins

Our pastor, Father Tony, regularly visits all three elementary schools which are affiliated with Saint Peter the Apostle (Holy Cross, Saint Hubert and Saint Luke).

He also writes a one-paStLukege bulletin which he sends to the principals of the three schools, who in turn share this information with teachers and with the parents of our children.

Current and back-copies of these bulletins are listed below.


We are working on some exciting possibilities for learning and for celebrating our faith.  Come back to this page often to see the most current developments.

June 2017
2017 VI 16:  Informing Faith: Bishops talking about youth, Summer

May 2017
2017 V 19:  Informing Faith:  NPSC choir competitions, retreats, clergy appointments
2017 V 05:  Informing Faith: Education Week and the new saints from Fatima

April 2017
2017 IV 28:  Informing Faith:  Happy Easter and information about Saint Gianna Beretta Molla
2017 IV 13:  Informing Faith: Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment – the topic for the next Synod of Bishops
2017 IV 07:  Informing Faith: Holy Week at Saint Peter’s, Discovering Christ, preparing for First Communion and Confirmation

March 2017
2017 III 24:  Informing Faith: the next session of Discovering Christ is coming, information about Confirmation, getting ready for Easter, students who make a difference
2017 III 3:  Informing Faith:  Ash Wednesday and thoughts to begin Lent

February 2017
2017 II 24:  Informing Faith: Who is Saint Policarp, getting ready for Ash Wednesday
2017 II 17:  Informing Faith: Who is Saint Valentine, Preparing for Lent
2017 II 10:  Informing Faith: The Presentation of the Lord, Saint Blaise, Saint Josephine Bakhita, Saint Scholastica and reminders about celebrating Sacraments

January 2017
2017 I 27:  Informing Faith: A new parish programme, information about Confirmation and First Eucharist, praying for unity among Christians

December 2016
2016 XII 07: Christmas Mass Schedule Schedule of Masses for Christmas at Saint Peter the Apostle (North Bay) and Saint Elizabeth (Temagami)

November 2016
2016 XI 04: Informing Faith: Priests at meetings, getting ready for Reconciliation, remembering the dead

October 2016
2016 X 14: Informing Faith: Happy Thanksgiving, condolences to a teacher, newly-created Cardinals
2016 X 21: Informing Faith: Reaching out to teachers and parents, praying for children, a new young saint

September 2016
2016 IX 06: Information for parents whose children have not yet been baptized
2016 IX 06: Parent Meeting for First Reconciliation
2016 IX 08: An invitation to parents whose children have not yet celebrated Baptism, Reconciliation or First Communion
2016 IX 09: Informing Faith: welcome back, Masses with children, preparing for Baptism and Reconciliation
2016 IX 14:  Schedule of meetings in preparation for the celebration of First Reconciliation
2016 IX 16:  Informing Faith: visits have begun, preparing children to receive Baptism and Reconciliation, Saint Teresa of Calcutta
2016 IX 23: Informing Faith: last of the students arriving, preparation dates for First Reconciliation, praying for peace in Assisi
2016 IX 30:  Informing Faith:  making friends, preparing for Sacraments, Development and Peace